Monday, 24 August 2015

How far can your paper aeroplane fly?

We made paper aeroplanes and estimated how far they could fly. Then we tested them by throwing and measuring the distance they flew.

The students knew that 1m is the same as 100cm. They used a metre ruler to estimate and measure the distance of their throws.

As you can see, Satui was spot on! Miss Letcher threw her plane the furthest (she has longer arms than the children so it wasn't fair! )

The children learned how to fold the paper aeroplanes, how to throw them, and how to estimate and measure using metres. We had heaps of fun doing all this learning!


  1. Room 4, I saw your paper aeroplanes and thought they were amazing. It is good that you also learnt about measurement.

  2. Hi Room 4, I really like reading your blog about how far each of your aeroplanes flew! I wish I was there to watch your aeroplane flights! How long did it take your class to make aeroplanes?

  3. Kia ora Room 4, I enjoyed reading your blog post. How long did it take for Room 4 to learn and make paper aeroplanes?

  4. Paper planes a fun childhood memory for me, great way to incorporate mathematics, science and arts and crafts. Way to go Room 4!


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