Monday, 31 August 2015

Use the clues to choose which shoes are whose!

Room 4 has been learning about PAIRS of things in maths. We can count in 2s and decided to count our shoes!

Read Halasika, Cognac and Ocyan's descriptions of their shoes and scroll down to the pictures below to see if you can figure out which shoes belong to each child.

The boys drew their shoes by observing carefully the detail on them. They used pencil first and then coloured them with Jovi crayons. The children spent a long time getting the fine details correct.
All the children in Room 4 drew and described their shoes. They are displayed on the wall outside our classroom if you want to come and see them. 

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  1. Kia ora Room 4! We had to think about your clues to choose which shoes were whose! We figured it out together - Halasika's shoes are the middle, Cognac's shoes were the bottom shoes and Ocyan's shoes were the top! Do you agree? From Room 6


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