Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Growing Beans, Avocados and Potatoes!

For Inquiry Learning at present, we are learning about 5 + a day!

We have been learning about all the healthy, yummy fruit and vegetables we need to eat to be healthy and strong. We know the names of lots of fruit and vegetables but we didn't really know where they come from. So we decided to grow some vegetables ourselves in our classroom.

Here is some writing Willie did to explain in a PROCEDURAL TEXT how we began growing our beans.  

Once we had written about what we had done and wondered about what might happen next as they start to grow, we watched a Youtube Timelapse video of how a bean grows. We watched carefully to see what grew first, then what grew next and then what was the last part of the bean plant to grow. We had to have a think about it and we wondered if our bean plants would grow in the same way. So we wrote about what we think might happen to our beans.
Below, Ocean and Krista wrote what they think may happen, using what they had seen in the Youtube video.
We also planted some Avocado seeds and some Potato seeds in jars with cotton wool and water. We are wondering how these plants will grow.........what do you think will happen first?

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