Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Room 4 and the Beanstalk!

We don't think we'll find a GIANT at the top of our beanstalks but we are looking forward to seeing some beans start to grow very soon. We have had to put some sticks into the garden to help the beanstalk grow up instead of falling over. These beans are called CLIMBING BEANS.

Our beans have grown really big over the past few weeks.
Room 4 need to water them EVERY DAY.

Solomon NOTICED something happening on a few of our beanstalks today and wrote about what he saw.

We know that in the life cycle of a bean - the flowers need to grow first before they can grow some bean pods. We think that the bean pods will soon start to grow.
(if the wind doesn't kill our beans first!)

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  1. Your bean plants are growing very fast and I cannot wait to see how many beans they produce.


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