Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Life-Cycle of a Bean

From our learning about the Life-Cycle of a Bean plant, we have been able to make some predictions about what will happen next to our beans that are growing in our garden. At the moment, our beans are flowering red flowers. 

Here is a video where Willie tells us what he thinks will happen next.......
Before you watch it, look at the Life-cycle diagram above and see if you can figure out what will happen next to our beans.

 Do you think Willie is right? Come and visit our garden in front of Room 4 and look for yourself. Can you see the flowers? What colour are they? What do you think the bean pods will look like?

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  1. Kia ora Room 4!

    Wow! You have learnt so many things about the life cycle of a bean! Aren't you clever? I really love how Willie and Ariel spoke so well about what they were doing!

    In my year 1 classroom we have been learning about the butterfly life cycle and making things for a butterfly garden. Do you know anything about butterflies?

    Lovely reading your blog!

    From Miss Walters


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