Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Above are some chickens we drew using pastel, they look awesome don't they? The rest of our chickens are displayed in our classroom.

We learnt all about Chickens last week. This continues our Inquiry learning topic called 
"From Farm to Table"
We wanted to know how the eggs we eat are made, and how they get to our houses.
We also wanted to know about other animals that lay eggs.

We looked at the Life-cycle of a chicken by watching some Youtube videos of chickens laying eggs (it was a bit gross!), chicks hatching out of eggs and the different types of chicken farms.
We found out some interesting facts and did some writing about our observations.

 DJ wrote a lot about what he learnt.

Krista and Ocean learnt a lot too and shared the facts they found interesting with us.

Here are Iosefo and Joseph's learning on the process a chicken goes through in its life.

Room 4 also learnt a funny dance called 'The Chicken Dance'
Here is a video we made (our first) of us explaining how to do the dance.

You can practice the actions before you do the dance with a friend.
Here is a video of our class doing the dance together.

Finally, here is a video of the actual song so you can do your own dance.

Maybe you can make a video of you doing the 'Chicken Dance' and you can share it with our class.
Have fun

Next time you have KFC or eat scrambled eggs think about what has happened before it got to your plate!! 


  1. Thank you Room 4 for teaching Room 1 the bird dance, we will be doing that again. You have remembered lots of interesting facts about hens.

  2. Wow, thank you Room 4 for teaching me how to do the bird dance. I really enjoyed learning


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