Sunday, 8 May 2016


We have been looking at Beehives. We learnt that the shape of the cells inside a beehive are called HEXAGONS!

We decided to make our own beehive cells using iceblock sticks. We knew that hexagons have 6 sides and they tessellate which means they repeat in a pattern making a bigger shape. 
Room 4 had to figure out how to connect the iceblock sticks to make their hexagons tessellate and then we noticed we needed less iceblock sticks as we tessellated the hexagons. 
Here's what we made!

After making as many hexagon cells as we could together as a tessellating pattern just like a beehive, we got the coloured foam shapes and repeated the activity trying to make as many hexagons as we could out of the different shapes. We discovered some interesting things. Watch the Youtube videos below to see what we learnt by putting different shapes together.

We learnt that 2 Trapeziums together makes a Hexagon!
We then learnt that 6 Triangles together also makes a Hexagon!
Lastly we learnt that 3 Parallelograms together also makes a Hexagon!
So me made lots of them and put them together.
This is what we made!

Can you see how we made our Hexagons?

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  1. Wow Room 4 your hexagon looks fantastic. It looks 3D. I love how you used triangles to make them. Maths looks fun


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